General conditions of sale

Article one: prices and payments

Our prices include electric and electronic equipment recovery environment tax (RECUPEL) unless this tax is specifically listed on the invoice.
Our invoices are payable without discount at the latest on the due date indicated on the invoice date.
Compuwave accepts neither the treaties, or cheques, only payments in cash or by bank transfer are accepted.
Software maintenance contracts are payable periodically by anticipation.
Hardware maintenance contracts are payable annually in advance.

Article two: deadlines

Any invoice not paid by its due date will be increased as of right and without prior notice of 15% as compensation package with a minimum of 50 euros.
In addition, it would increase by right and without notice of a default interest of 1% per month from the due date,
every month started leading to the calculation of interest for the full month.
Payment of one invoice at maturity is will be due immediately and right of all invoices not yet due.

Article three: retention of title

Ownership of the facilities delivered by Compuwave sprl is transferred to the buyer after full payment of the goods.
Until that moment, the buyer has no right to give devices pawn, sell or dispose of it in any way whatsoever.

Article four: warranty Conditions

The material sold by Compuwave sprl is guaranteed in accordance with the guarantees provided by suppliers or imposed by law.
The specific software developed by Compuwave sprl, unless another written agreement between Compuwave and the client, guaranteed three months from the date of receipt programs.
During the guarantee period, all defects found will be corrected for free, including travel and benefits.
Later, possible hidden defects will be corrected for free within a reasonable time but, in any case,
These hidden defects cannot be subject to any compensation of any kind whether, including for damage of exploitation.

Article 5: responsibilities

  1. Compuwave sprl declines all responsibility in the event of use of software or of office and computer equipment not provided by it.
    Similarly, Compuwave is not responsible for damage of exploitation to the use of software not developed by it.

  2. Compuwave is not responsible for injury or damage to property caused by new equipment or opportunity provided by it after delivery and installation at the customer.

  3. In case of material would be entrusted to Compuwave, no responsibility can be held liable for loss or corruption of data contained in the memoirs of the material (hard disks, floppy disks, stick flash or other means of data storage.)  The customer is solely responsible for backups of data it has and keeps up to date.

  4. The material entrusted to Compuwave is considered as failed.
    If this material is left in the same condition, it will be up to the customer to prove that the equipment was in working condition upon arrival at the premises of Compuwave.

  5. Before any intervention of Compuwave, in his own workshops or on the customer's site, the client will be provided copies of backups are operational.
    No data loss cannot be imputed to him.
    Obvious fault of Compuwave, his only obligation will be to dependants benefits related to reload the last backup of the client on a system in working order.

Article six:

Except special agreement duly stipulated in writing, all our operations are governed by the terms and conditions above, considered as handwritten.
The terms & conditions of customer purchases are not opposable to Compuwave sprl.

Article seven: litigation

In case of dispute or dispute for any reason whatsoever, the courts and the Justice of the peace of TOURNAI are only competent.